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Criminal Defence

Cynthia Fromstein Barristers is a full-service criminal defence law firm. Located in central Toronto our firm works for clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We offer a tenacious and unrelenting defence for each client, while treating each with personal sensitivity and compassion.

Full-Service Criminal Defence Firm

Cynthia Fromstein Barristers defend clients charged with offences under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Specifically, our clients are subject to prosecution for offences which include:

Many of our cases stem from complex police investigations and require a diligent defence. Our clients are often first-time offenders whose objective is to not receive a criminal record and to maintain their reputations. Regardless of your circumstance, our firm works with you to obtain the best results.

Targeted Criminal Law Services

A successful bail hearing is the first critical step in many proceedings. All clients require sound representation through thorough preparation of witnesses during their initial bail hearing so they can continue to live their lives while trial is pending. Our team has extensive experience successfully representing clients at numerous bail hearings on all levels of charges. We will put our experience in play and fight for you from the beginning of the trial process.

Serious Complex Cases

Cynthia Fromstein has been representing clients on murder, conspiracy to commit murder and manslaughter charges throughout her career. She has built a winning reputation for exacting preparation and skilled advocacy.

Cynthia Fromstein is a noted authority in the area of criminal law and mental health. Her in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience will make a significant difference in your case. For clients who seek legal representation for themselves or a family member for any crime where mental illness is a factor, Ms. Fromstein is a strong resource and advocate. David Connally has worked closely with Ms. Fromstein for years, representing clients with mental disorders. He is recognized by judges, Crown Attorneys and his peers for his sensitivity to and knowledge of the key issues at play.

Both Cynthia Fromstein and David Connally have successfully tackled numerous cases involving drug importation, production, trafficking and possession. They know how to apply the law and bring dedicated preparation and tough advocacy to every client's case. Both Ms. Fromstein and Mr. Connally are experienced administrative tribunal lawyers.

Contact Cynthia Fromstein Barristers

If you require information from a lawyer in Toronto regarding criminal charges, contact us to schedule a consultation. Call us at 416-960-8111 to schedule a consultation. The firm can also be contacted online.