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Recent Successes

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Recent Successes

Ms. Fromstein has had numerous recent successes with acquittals, withdrawals and excellent sentencing dispositions. Below we note only a small few of these.

RvB 2018     

Pyschologist ACQUITTED of Sexual Assault on patient. Defendant was completely exonerated from any wrong-doing after judge finds that sexual assault did not take place.

RvS 2018     

Cynthia’s client granted Non-Custodial sentence for multiple armed robberies while co-accused served jail time. Investigation of client’s mental disorder and presentation of expert evidence supported Ms. Fromstein’s arguments in achieving exceptional result.

RvS 2018      Absolute Discharge for Voyerusim granted at contested sentencing hearing. Ms. Fromstein’s engagement of services of expert forensic psychiatrist supported her arguments. 

RvJ 2018       Client found Not Criminally Responsible for Armed Bank Robbery and Hostage taking. Defendant on treatment in community. No jail.

R v JM 2017

Charges of Aggravated Sexual Assault for non-disclosure of HIV by Defendant with undetectable viral load all WITHDRAWN against Cynthia’s client based on Cynthia’s persuasive argument with the Crown Attorney and expertise regarding the medical science that showed her client did not meet the test for realistic risk of transmission.

R v VR 2017

Importing Cocaine withdrawn against Cynthia’s client who was arrested at Pearson Airport.

R v EL 2017

Charges of Possession for the Purposes of Trafficking in Cocaine, MDMA, Marijuana, Weapons Dangerous and Carry Concealed Weapon all withdrawn against Cynthia’s client.

R v MJ 2016 O.J. No. 3177 Reported Decision

Charge Aggravated Sexual Assault on person under 16 years.

Five year Minimum Mandatory Sentence STRUCK DOWN AS UNCONSTITUTIONAL by Superior Court of Ontario following constitutional challenge by Cynthia Fromstein and defence team. Defence sentencing submissions successful and MJ sentenced to two years less a day.

R v W 2016 OJ No. 3177

Client charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault receives Absolute Discharge on reduced offence of False pretence.

R v P 2016

Charge Indecent Act for alleged 'flashing' WITHDRAWN against client.

R v D 2016

Charge First Degree Murder

Cynthia Fromstein wins the right to a court-ordered psychiatric assessment that remains confidential to the defence.