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Mental Illness and Criminal Charges

Mental Illness and Criminal Charges

Lack of resources in our health system too often leads to criminal charges being laid against persons with mental disorders. Cynthia Fromstein has for over 30 years represented persons with mental illnesses who have been criminally charged. Ms. Fromstein demands respect for the rights of each of her clients and works tirelessly to achieve their goals. She applies her in-depth knowledge of the law with her experience in accessing expert forensic clinicians to achieving the best results possible, including having charges diverted out of the criminal system .

Ms. Fromstein regularly contributes as a writer, speaker and educator on the subject of law and mental health. She also is a legal member and Alternate Chair of the Ontario Review Board and the Nunavut Criminal Code Review Board. If you or someone that you love has been charged with a criminal offence and they suffer from a mental illness contact Cynthia Fromstein Barristers.

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