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Toronto Weapons Charges

Weapons and Firearms Charges

Weapons charges are not restricted to guns. The Criminal Code of Canada's definition of weapon includes anything used or intended to be used as a weapon, including items such as mace or dog spray. If you have been charged with a weapons offence, you need the services of strong defence counsel.

Cynthia Fromstein Barristers may be the law firm to give you the defence you need. For nearly three decades, the firm has defended those charged with crimes in Toronto, Newmarket, Etobicoke and the surrounding regions, and has established a reputation for compassionate and tenacious client service.

Weapons Charges Are Serious Offences

The government has recently imposed mandatory minimum sentences for some weapons charges. Like many criminal law matters, the Crown's case can be damaged if the actions of police do not hold up to constitutional scrutiny. Evidence of weapon possession that is obtained through an illegal search, for example, can be thrown out upon a successful argument made by defence counsel.

Experienced Defence Counsel

The legal team at Cynthia Fromstein Barristers have the experience you need to defend against weapons charges. In all cases, we consult with clients to understand their objectives for their defence. We then utilize our knowledge, tenacity and legal skill to seek a winning result.

Lawyers For Gun Charges In The Scarborough Area

If you are facing possession of a firearm or other weapons charges, our Toronto lawyers can be the defence you need. Call us at 416-960-8111 to schedule a consultation. You can also contact us online.