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Indecent Act

Indecent Act

Indecent act is an offence falling under the public morals section of the Criminal Code of Canada. What constitutes an indecent act is not outlined in the Code itself. The legal requirements for prosecution include that the act be public or be performed with the intent to offend. Often prosecutions involve allegations of illicit behaviour in public bathrooms. In such a complex area of the law, it is important to have the services of defence counsel who can execute strong legal arguments in court.

Cynthia Fromstein Barristers has been part of the Toronto legal landscape for nearly three decades. Focused on criminal defence, the firm's lawyers are strong courtroom advocates who can give you the defence you need.

Defending A Charge Of Indecent Act

Those charged with indecent act are often positive contributors to the community at large. A conviction for such a sex crime can therefore prove irrevocably damaging to their reputations and harm their careers and family life. Our intent as legal defence counsel is to create a defence plan in our client's best interest, with the goal of safeguarding our client's privacy and preventing him or her from receiving a criminal record. In many cases we have succeeded in having the Crown withdraw the prosecution before trial. When that it not possible, we have the knowledge and skill to successfully advocate at trial.

The lawyers at Cynthia Fromstein Barristers have successfully defended individuals charged with indecent act, saving their reputations and futures. Our lawyers will attempt to bring the same skill and dedication to your case.

Lawyer For Indecent Act Charges In The Scarborough Area

If you have been charged with indecent act in Toronto, our lawyers may be able to help with your defence. To schedule a consultation, call us at 416-960-8111. Our firm can also be contacted online.