Recent Successes

Ms. Fromstein and David Connally have had numerous recent successes with acquittals, withdrawals and excellent sentencing dispositions. Below we note only a small few of these.

R v SP August 2016

Charges of Aggravated Sexual Assault for non-disclosure of HIV by Defendant with undetectable viral load all WITHDRAWN against Cynthia's client after he signs common law peace bond.

R v MJ 2016 O.J. No. 3177 Reported Decision

Charge Aggravated Sexual Assault on person under 16 years.

Five year Minimum Mandatory Sentence STRUCK DOWN AS UNCONSTITUTIONAL by Superior Court of Ontario following constitutional challenge by Cynthia Fromstein and defence team. Defence sentencing submissions successful and MJ sentenced to two years less a day.

R v W 2016 OJ No. 3177

Charge Aggravated Sexual Assault for non disclosure of HIV

Cynthia Fromstein successful in negotiating for Crown to reduce charge to summary conviction offence of 'False Pretences'. Client receives unprecedented Absolute Discharge. As a result client has can answer all employment inquiries that he has NO criminal record and the finding of guilt is automatically expunged in one year.

R v P 2016

Charge Indecent Act for alleged 'flashing' WITHDRAWN against client.

R v D 2016

Charge First Degree Murder

Client found guilty of second degree murder and receives parole ineligibility of 12 years on life sentence