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In the News:

2016CBC / Canadian PressAdvocates Hopeful will stop criminalizing HIV Non-Disclosure
2016NOW MagazineLaws Criminalizing HIV are putting Vulnerable Women at Risk
2016Toronto StarThe untold story of accused ‘crossbow killer’ Brett Ryan
2014Global News TorontoIndecent Act
2010Gary Doyle ShowIncarceration of the Mentally III
2009Toronto StarRoad Rage Incident
2008CTV NewsHIV/AIDS Conviction
2006Guelph MercuryQuestioning Upsets Woman who claims she was raped
2006Guelph MercuryAggravated Sexual Assault Charge Withdrawn

In Film:

Positive Women: Exposing Injustice Documentary on Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure


HALCO James Kreppner Award 2013 recipient: recognizing unparalleled advocacy on behalf of persons living with HIV


2011"R v Hneihen and R v Singer - Back to Back Significant Decisions for Mentally Disordered Accuseds from the Ontario Superior Court"
2004"Introducing the Secure Treatment Unit, St. Lawrence Valley Correctional and Treatment Centre"
2004"Tulikorpi and Pinet Overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada"
2003"Reasonableness of Review Board Decision to Detain R v Owen"
2002"Ontario Review Board Allows Deportation as a Condition of Detention"
2002"Application of Mental Health Legislation to Criminal Cases"
2002"Legislative Amendments to the Mental Disorder Provisions of the Criminal Code"
2002"Fitness to Be Sentenced R v Balliram"
2002"Habias Corpus"
2002" Imposing Conditions on NCR Accused"
Cynthia Fromstein was a former editor on ‘White Collar Crime’ for Carswell Publications