R v M 1989

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Her Majesty The Queen, Respondent, and M, Appellant
Ontario Judgments: [1989] O.J. No. 716
Supreme Court of Ontario - Court of Appeal, Toronto, Ontario
Howland C.J.O., Houlden and Finlayson JJ.A.
March 8, 1989

Cynthia Fromstein, for the Appellant.
Catherine A. Cooper, for the Crown.

The following was endorsed on the appeal record by

HOWLAND C.J.O.:— Appeal allowed. Sentence of three months is varied to time served to be followed by two years probation on the terms imposed by the trial judge and the following additional terms:-

  1. He shall reside at xxx Street, Oshawa or at such other place as his probation officer shall direct.
  2. He shall abstain from the non-medical use of drugs.
  3. He shall abstain from possessing any firearms.
  4. His probation officer shall arrange for the appellant to have a psychiatric assessment and the appellant shall take such psychiatric treatment and counselling as may be required including admission to a psychiatric facility for the assessment, counselling and treatment.
The officer releasing the appellant will comply with the requirements of s. 737(4) of the Code.

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